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PSO Members & Officers



2019 Chapter Photo
Screen Shot 2021-07-28 at 8.49.17 PM
Kim Waters-Harris, 2019-20 President
Sivi Banks-Carson, 16th President
Melissa Moss, 15th President
Betty Porter, 14th President
Audrey Chandler, 13th President
Margie Miles, 12th President
Judy Bossier, 11th President
Janet Yarbrough, 10th President
Juanita Turner, 9th President
Christolyn King, 8th President
Grace Birt, 7th President
Kimberly Chandler Chu, 6th President
Judy Bossier, 5th President
Bettye Soesman, 4th President
Mary Ethel Pyburn, 3rd President
Jesterina Bailey, 2nd President
Joyce Miles, 1st President
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